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13819399_10205253037684300_1840158127_nFirst of all, let me just start by saying that I have never played golf in my life…unless you count Wii Sports because in that case, I’ve played a ton of times. Today, we visited the Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy!

We were greeted by several kind individuals who greeted us, and took us over to take a group picture. After the picture, being given some soft white sleeves to avoid getting tanned, and receiving blue hand bracelets, we separated into groups and started different activities.


Learning to be a “pro” golfer


Golf was so much more fun than I had ever imagined! My perspective on it completely changed, because of how much fun I had. We started with practicing shots, which I was horrible at first. But through persistent tries, I got so much better and was actually able to hit it close to the flags spread out along the field. My strongest point emerged during the Putting part of golf. It was so natural and easy to me, for some reason! I have to give it to the instructors though, they were absolutely wonderful, and such great teachers! 13819746_10205253038764327_928825719_n

Anyways, afterwards, we had a fun little competition to see how great of a golfer each of us were. Unfortunately, I didn’t do that great and couldn’t hit it far enough. However, congrats to Jordan, who hit it so incredibly well; it was amazing!






Not much time later, we went for lunch. The lunch they served was SO delicious. Probably the best lunch we have had all week. Even the way that the food was presented was so beautiful, and classy! Also, after being in the hot sun for so long, the citrus-y drinks they provided were literally perfection. 


13819678_10205253036604273_1167003697_n 13816956_10205253037244289_761258002_n


I was way too tired from all the golfing excitement…

Thanks Ryall Golf for such an awesome day, I had so much fun! In fact, I was so tired after our golfing adventure that I even had a little catnap on the bus ride back to the hotel. I’ll probably even come over to golf at your academy, since I live only fifteen minutes away!


MTC golfers unite!



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Bata Shoe Museum  

13819649_10205247366302519_1047665060_n13819316_10205247366222517_2131513901_nThe Bata Shoe Museum was a really interesting place to have visited! First off, we were introduced by a kind, young lady who directed us to a theatre room. After taking a seat, she showed us some really cool shoes, which were far from the modern shoes we wear today. For example, a size 22 shoe that would fit a seven foot human! Can you guess who I mean? Shaquille O’Neal! Apparently, he fits only into size 22 shoes, and therefore has to have all his shoes custom mad13814552_10205247365902509_268838727_ne! 13820561_10205247365502499_1832554277_n13820801_10205247366142515_1313052267_n
Some other interesting shoes were from Japan, made from wood, and weird-looking heels with a heel only on the front edge of the shoe. How difficult it must be to walk! Anyways, the information was really astounding! Soon after, we got to take a look at different types of shoes and items that were made with poison or dangerous items. For instance, at the museum, several narrow shoes were made out of arsenic in the 1800s, which caused people to get poisoned! Weird.

Anyways, thanks Bata Shoe Museum for having the Miss Teenage Canada 2016 delegates, we know that we definitely enjoyed it!

Square One


Square One full of princesses!

Being from Toronto, I have visited Square One so many times, and it’s always so much fun going there because of how big and grand the mall is! Coming back here to a familiar place with a $30 gift card to spend was amazing! It was honestly so much fun running around everywhere looking for things to buy, that by the time we had to go, my feet were literally SWOLLEN to the core! Oh well, like they say, shop till you drop. And I really did drop when I arrived back into the hotel room!
Overall, my Square One experience was my favorite part of the day; the mall is absolutely gorgeous, and has such a large variety of shops!13819424_10205247366782531_1087454470_n13815178_10205247366822532_2033668901_n

HUGE thanks to Square One for the gift card; we absolutely LOVED being there!!




#sq1 #SquareOne #shopsquareone

Nirvana Indian Cuisine

INDIAN CUISINE! This felt like home, because as an Indian, this was my authentic food. I’ve actually also been to this restaurant before with my family on a cultural event. Being able to taste my home food after not having tasted it for a while felt really great. The cuisine had all the right spices, and the servers were all so homely. 13819426_10205247366502524_975980730_n
I got to know one of the servers well quickly, and even communicated with them in my mother tongue, Hindi! It was a really awesome experience for me, as I felt so proud of being at a restaurant of my own culture.

The food was prepared very well, and even had some of my favourite dishes like the Naan, Aloo Tikki, and RAS MALAI (the desert)! The Ras Malai is honestly my ALL TIME favourite desert over anything! Furthermore, with this experience, the staff had momentarily played Indian music as well, all of which I recognized and felt so jumpy to!13728510_10205247365542500_480266914_o

Miss Teenage Canada 2016 – Sarah Wojcik – danced to it, and we got to back her up to some of my favourite Bollywood music. Knowing the words by heart to all the songs being played, I couldn’t help but sing along. Loved the experience!!!13814592_10205247366622527_1089283196_n

THANK YOU Nirvana for sponsoring us, your restaurant has some of the best Indian cuisine!


What a fun, and exhausting day! One activity after the other, I was so tired that I fell asleep as soon as I hit the bed.


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The National competition for Miss Teenage Canada 2016 is held right here, in my hometown, Toronto! This is so lucky for me, as I only have to drive around 30 minutes to reach the hotel, where the pageant is being held!

13694225_10205227137236805_930348156_oWith the pageant being for 7 days, my mom and I went a little crazy on the packing (I packed 8 bags + 3 dress hangers). However, getting to my room went smoothly as I made some new friends that gladly helped me out!

13730626_10205227121316407_1743383576_oAfter arriving at the Holiday Inn International Hotel, I quickly found some of my Ontario pageant girls and went around to mingle, greet and say hello! The girls from the other provinces soon became closer as well; they were all so kind and friendly! I also met my future roomie from Saskatchewan, who turned out to be such a sweet, and funny young lady!!

After getting into our rooms (which was kind of difficult because of my excessive luggage…), we finally got to unravel and relax a bit before getting ready for the sponsor party later that evening.


13681765_10205227122116427_1725465813_o 13709607_10205227122156428_1978751689_o 13694148_10205227122196429_2036825542_o 13709678_10205227122796444_1544838469_o


The sponsor party was really great! There were stations of sponsors set up all around the 13699524_10205227089875621_1675899053_o (1)ballroom, including our MTC Shirt and Hat table. We took so many pictures, and had a great time mingling with all the other delegates! I made so many new friends, and was so glad that all the other girls were also so kind, friendly, and approachable.


Golden Glamour Goddesses

imageAll things beauty offers Spray Brightening,

Anti-aging spray tans, Individual Eyelash Extensions, Airbrush Makeup and Hairstyling. We each got some great samples of their products like their body butter which was so, very soft and smooth on the skin! They’re an aspiring company located right here in Toronto!


They’re also giving us a great deal on spray tans and eyelash extensions!! Furthermore, the completely organic body butter will help to maintain our spray tans for the rest of the pageant. Thank you very much!!

V.P.I Canada Limited

V.P.I Canada Limited offers a brand new range of sunglasses and reading glasses. They ship from Ontario to anywhere in North America! As a sponsor for the Miss Teen Canada 13694057_10205227124556488_190304622_o2016 pageant, this organization gave us some cool new shades. There were a variety of different sunglasses laid out for us, but all were equally amazing. It was hard taking a pick, as everyone had crowded around the table. Their sunglalsses are 100% U.V. A & B Protection, great for our hot Toronto summers!






I tried on several pairs before picking my favourite:
Mirrored Polarized Clubmaster Sunglasses
I honestly love the look of these shades, especially the
fact that they’re mirrored and reflective. You also get a VPI soft case that is included with each pair!




Nuvango Gallery Goods 

13718101_10205227130596639_1706185365_o (1)

Grabbing Nuvangos cool clothes

CLOTHES! Nuvango had the most unique set of clothing items, with cool decals and graphics. They are a concept art gallery and fashion lifestyle brand. They manufacture their apparel, accessories, and home decor right here in Toronto, Ontario.

Some of my favourite items they offered to us were their comfortable, stretchy, leggings and their colourful, bright, tank tops! Really cute, thanks Nuvango!!

Although I didn’t get it, I absolutely loved the orange crop top (which ran out super fast!). These clothing items can be machine washed cold, and tumble dry low or hung dry. They’re 94/6 poly-elastane jersey blend and made in Toronto, Canada.

Sweets Canada 

13730523_10205227064754993_269509917_oWho doesn’t love chocolate?! Sam Dhutia from Sweets Canada was one of the kind sponsors to provide us delegates with some delicious and organic treats! Follow them on twitter for the sweetest updates: @SweetsCanadaCA
There were so many different types 13702319_10205227124276481_1815330646_oof chocolate, and so many cool flavours! The one I got was Milk Chocolate Apricots Caramel and Safflower Petals. The packaging is so beautiful, covered in a woody net material string bag! Gourmet chocolate bars, organic flower chocolate, and cheesecake balls!

I tried the chocolate as soon as I got back to the hotel room, absoloutely DELICIOUS! Try it yourself!!

Milk Chocolate with Apricot , Caramel & Safflower Petals  It’s not too pricey, and so so tasty! Worth it.


t3eF_2fOHashtagio is a Social Media Aggregator and User Generated Marketing Platform. It was at our sponsor party gathering all our pictures from the event that were tagged with #missteenagecanada2016. All the media from the event with this tag were projected on a large screen at the front of the hall, ultimately creating a collage of the event. This is so amazing because it gives other people an opportunity to see what we’re up to, like our friends and family!

13702404_10205227089195604_601730883_o 13728481_10205226478500337_696391470_o

Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy

brg-logo-greenAnother cool station at the sponsor party was through Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy! Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy offers golf lessons for golfers of all ages and 13709546_10205227129956623_1571712853_oabilities at six Kaneff Golf Course locations near Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Hamilton and Niagara-on-the-Lake. You can enroll in different kinds of golf courses, and even sign up for camps!
“Lose your bad habits today to be a better golfer tomorrow!”


There was a really cool, interactive set-up of a mini golf13711732_10205227130036625_433145180_o course for us. We got to try and see if we could get a hole-in-one on this tiny golf course (I was not even close)! Golf is actually pretty fun, and much harder than I originally expected!

For one of our days of the pageant, we will be visiting this wonderful golf course, and learning how to get a couple hole-in-ones ourselves! Although I didn’t play that well during the sponsor party, I’m sure I’ll do better on Wednesday!


Archer’s Arena 


Archer’s Arena was another kind sponsor at the party! In fact, it is proudly also the #1 archery arena rated in Toronto. The sponsors brought a bow and arrow (probably not as heavy and difficult as the real thing), for us to pose with and take pictures in front of the MTC backdrop. This Thursday, we will be visiting them and playing Archery Tag at their Arena. Not sure how to play yet, but sounds fun and thrilling!!
Interesting fact: I’ve actually done archery a couple of times because of a camp I went to for a few years! Archery is definitely way more fun than it merely seems, and is something that I believe everyone would love to try out!!

13699584_10205227130316632_979766076_o 13718140_10205227089275606_969820562_o


Thank You. 

Thanks once again to all the wonderful sponsors! The Miss Teenage Canada 2016 event and experience would not be the same without you! We had so much fun trying out all your products, and joining in on the fun activities; so, thank you for improving our MTC pageant experience!


~ Sakshi M ♥


Written by: Sakshi

~ VIDEO of me with Herbal Mystique products included! ~
Herbal Mystique offers Natural Skin care, Hair care and Detox products that conform to Health Canada standards. The formulations are based on the centuries old sciences of Ayurveda and Aromatherapy.

For an individual with extremely sensitive skin, natural products are the only way to go! I have been using Herbal Mystique products for so long now, and have always been very content with the results! Herbal Mystique recently released several new products that I got the opportunity to try.


UV Gel French Tips!

First of all, I want to give a huge thank you to Herbal Mystique for helping to sponsor my nails, facial, waxing, and more! They have been extremely generous, and also sponsored me some of their newest natural products that I am really excited to try!13706237_10205213296210788_1340261923_n

All their products are truly one hundred percent natural, safe and efficient to use! Furthermore, they are not overprices, and completely affordable. One of my favorite products is the Neem Gel. It is an Oil control and skin clearing clear gel that you can apply anywhere with acne, rashes, or uneven skin. This Gel contains organic substances like Neem & Tea Tree – some amazing antioxidants that specialize in treating acne-prone skin. Perfect for individuals my age, in controlling our breakouts!

Some more amazing news is that Herbal Mystique is soon releasing a commercial in which they asked me to speak, as I am a long-time user of their product! With my sash and crown I got to speak about their amazing products and introduce myself as a delegate for Miss Teenage Canada 2016 in their advertisement! The video is included in thispost, and will be further edited before being advertised.


Pic with a new friend

Herbal Mystique also had an event recently in which I was honored to host. dow                                                 Through


Outfit before the night begins! Preparing my game for the audience!

this showcase event and gala of their wonderful products, they helped me fundraise for Fort McMurray by providing me with a percentage of the event’s profits. I arranged several performers (dancers, singers, and stand-up comedy acts) to perform at this event for entertainment purposes. I also prepared a special game for the audience (a jeopardy game with topics on Mental Health and Natural P
roducts), that was both teaching and entertaining for the audience! The prizes provided for this game were donated by a previous sponsor Sushma Khinvasara, who donated numerous gift cards to restaurants and common retail stores. Ultimately, this event helped me to raise awareness on my platform, as well as help Herbal Mystique promote their natural products.

By the end of the night and before closing the event, I got to speak one last time to explain the Miss Teenage Canada pageant, and everything I learned from it. I explained  how it helped me develop confidence in myself, and fulfill Captureso many goals and dreams in my community. I got to spread so much awareness in my community, and will continue to strive to fulfill further goals as I compete for the Miss Teenage Canada title.

Once again, thank you so much Herbal Mystique for being so helpful, kind, and generous! Would 100% recommend these products to anyone looking to try out new skin care products. Aside from skin care, Herbal Mystique also has 13706237_10205213296210788_1340261923_nsome amazing oils to rejuvinate your scalp and strengthen your roots! Their hair-care products are just as good, if not better. Thank you Herbal Mystique. ♥




The day before, filming the video for Herbal Mystique commercial!

13734549_10205213240369392_1593047268_n suzie-and-simgi



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For our second blog assignment we were asked to create a design for a Miss Teenage Canada roll-up banner! The design I created is posted below! Shoutout and thank you to Sign Source Solution for donating this roll-up banner!! Click here to see my design in full resolution(make sure to zoom in to see full details as it is in perfect dimensions to fit roll-up banner size):
mtc banner pic2

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The CN Tower Continue reading

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With the help of my Me to We group members, I organized a fundraisFree_The_Children_Logo (1)er for Free the Children! The fundraiser ran for the entire week for five days, and had
a Battle of the Beats event on the last day.

Continue reading

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rsz_dscn0104Holi (whole-e) is a traditional indian festival of colors and the festival of sharing love. This year, a huge Holi event was held in Toronto by the Roaring
Lions Association – a community group of men and women that encourages the togetherness of community through their galas and events.

This time, they held a large extravaganza for this festival where people of all religions were present in traditional Indian clothing to celebrate this colorful festival. In terms of
festivities, people play with powder colour, smearing it on one another’s cheeks, and throwing it around, filling the room and the people with its diversity. Continue reading

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In my family, birthdays are always big, and given a ton of importance. This year, after rsz_dscn0309winning my title, I decided that I wanted to continue doing something big for my birthday, but also something for the greater good. Such days are usually all about the birthday boy/girl, but what about the children
who aren’t privileged enough to even have a proper birthday? This got me thinking, and I ended up turning my birthday into a fundraising gala open to my community! Continue reading

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